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Volume V Issue 3 (July 2018)


1. Your "Liberation," My Oppression: European Violation of Muslim Women's Human Rights by Afnan Akram, at 427-72;

2. Eliminating the Power of the No-Confidence Vote from the Wolesi Jirga (the House of People): How Comparison of Approaches in South Africa and the U.S. could Inform Changes to Afghanistan's Law on Removal of Government Officers by Fazal Khaliq Lalamwal of Kandahar University, Pakistan, at 473-509;

3. A New "Extraordinary Circumstances" Standard for Suspension Clause As-Applied Challenges to the REAL ID ACT? by Andrew Balthazor, at 511-28;

4. Rethinking the Territorial Scope of the United States's Access to Data Stored by a Third Party by Sabrina A. Morris of Case Western University Law School, at 531-67.